Recognition Awards Winners 2017

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Congratulations to our and finalists winners for the Recognition Awards Winners 2017. Click on the names of the winners to access their respective short videos.


Emerging Leader


  • Claudee Pompa
  • Cheryl Hill
Winner: Jessica Drummond

 “The judges felt that the winner has developed their own place in a large organisation, and has strong persuasion and influence skills."


Team Outstanding Achievement CLINICAL 


  • Daghni Rajasingam on behalf of HINSL Maternity CoP
  • Adult Community Rehabilitation Team
  • Damien Kelly on behalf of the Pharmacy Roadmap Team
  • David Culley on behalf of  whole systems Integrated Care Service

Winner: Damien Kelly on behalf of the Phamacy Roadmap Team 

“The judges felt that the winning team showed how collaboration and listening can generate a range of ideas. They demonstrated a mix of innovation, flexibility and team working to support change; willing to fail and learn from their mistakes in pursuit of improving both the staff and patient experience."


Inclusive Leader of the Year 


  • Henrietta Hughes
  • Lee Hyett-Powell

Winner: Lee Hyett-Powell

“The judges felt that the winner was very inclusive and innovative, going above and beyond their role. They do amazing work to make visible the support and inclusion of staff from all backgrounds."


Service Improvement and Innovation 


  • Dr Suchitra Bhandari
  • Debbie Lindon-Taylor
  • Saghar Missaghian-Cully

Winner: Debbie Lindon-Taylor

“The judges felt that the winner was innovative in their approach to developing the workforce in a sustainable way. She was able to use her clinical background to show tremendous understanding and use this to make a difference in service."


Excellence in Patient Experience 


  • Sexual Health Nursing Team East London
  • The Discovery Interview Team
  • Juliet Okpara

Winner: Juliet Okpara 

“The winner goes above and beyond with her demonstration of commitment and compassion, and is completely dedicated to the families and patients who need her care. She provides a truly individualised service and advocates for the family using her enormous powers of negotiation and persuasion to ensure the death the patient has is as peaceful, comfortable and as dignified as possible."


Team Outstanding Achievement NON CLINICAL


  • Me first team
  • South West London Pathology

Winner:  South West London Pathology

“What has been achieved by this winner is simply outstanding. They have generated millions of pounds of savings, reduced turnaround times, but also showcased the ability of an organisation to drive a transformation project through with pace and a cooperative mindset."


Leading Systems Transformation


  • Dr Suchitra Bhandari
  • Sridevi Kalidindi

Winner: Suchitra Bhandari

“The judges felt that the winner was able to describe a Project which she had shaped from the beginning.  The project has been able to change lives but has also challenged and changed the system for the better. She has made genuine steps to share learning and ensure sustainability across the system."


Leading and Developing People


  • Sandra Bennett
  • Claire Braithwaite

Winner:  Claire Braithwaite 

“One of the aspects that really impressed the judging panel about this winner was the way in which she prioritises developing her staff to be the best they can be. Alongside running a very busy division, the winner is dedicated to ensuring her staff are developed and supported. She comes across as an honest, humble, and enthusiastic leader."


Inspirational Leader 

Winner: David Harty
  • Sandra Reading
  • Sarah Hibble
  • Declan Flanagan
  • David Harty

“The panel were unanimous in their decision in choosing this year’s winner. This person showed a natural ability to lead and support others, fostering an open and transparent culture in their team, despite the challenging environment. They are an authentic leader with obvious care and regard for the team and their patients."

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