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Flexible Working in the NHS: The Case for Action

The London Women's Leadership Network are delighted to launch our report with Timewise, Flexible Working in the NHS: The Case for Action.

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LWLN Looking back at 2016-17

The London Women's Leadership Network launched just over one year ago. We have grown a membership of over 370 women and men across London who want to do more to advocate for women's leadership development across the NHS. 

We are very proud of all that we have achieved so far, and can't wait for what the coming year will bring! 

Download our Look Back here

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Finding The Courage to Trust Myself

After attending a LWLN Masterclass, Emma Harper was inspired to do launch her own staff network... 

The workshop with Jo Simpson on 'Finding the Courage to Trust Yourself' was a great introduction to the LLA women’s network. As someone who is often plagued by imposter syndrome, I was intrigued by the subject and interested in learning some tools and techniques to trust myself when it came to decision making.

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Join the Women's Network Book Club!

Louise Jones shares her experience at the first LWLN book club meeting

On a summer evening in July, and feeling strangely nervous (I'd never been to a Book Club before - what would it be like?) I made my way to Russell Square for the inaugural London Women's Leadership Network Book Club.  Sadly the weather had turned cooler in the days before, but we (the intrepid band of 7) braved the slight chill to enjoy our picnic and conversation.

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Communities for Lasting Change

Why we need community to bring about lasting change.

Mitzi Wyman reflects on the power of community...

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Leading for Success, and Owning It

Jane Galloway, Deputy Head at the London Leadership Academy, sums up the LWLN Securing Success event...

Yesterday, 24th January 2016, was the first all day event of the London Women's Leadership Network. In a large conference room (the less inspiring bit!), I was lucky enough to work with some of the great women leaders and aspiring leaders from the NHS in London (there's the fantastic!).

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Aspiring Leaders: Being a Systems Developer Apprentice in the NHS

Merce Bauza reflects on joining the NHS as an apprentice and what it's like being a young woman in tech...

I'm a Systems Developer at Health Education England since last September but I started to develop a curiosity for tech from a young age. To pursue a career in technology, I enrolled at university to study telecommunications but it wasn't for me; I then changed my path to study digital design and I'm now currently doing an apprenticeship in the NHS on software development.

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A Good Read!

Members of the London Women's Leadership Network share their recommended reads


Thrive - by Arianna Huffington

In Thrive, Arianna Huffington, the co-founder and editor-in-chief of the Huffington Post and one of the most influential women in the world, has written a passionate call to arms, looking to redefine what it means to be successful in today’s world.

Coaching Women to Lead – Averil Leimon, Francois Moscovici and Helen Goodier

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Old Operating Theatre Christmas Social

The London Women's Leadership Network had their first social with a twist, with a tour of the Old Operating Theatre Museum.

As part of a series of socials with an educational theme, the LWLN had their first meet up just before Christmas at the Old Operating Theatre at the Herb Garret near St Thomas' Hospital. The Operating Theatre (operating or emergency room) is found in the roof space of an English Baroque Church.

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Anne-Marie Archard - Why we need women's networks in the NHS

Working in the NHS and running the London Leadership Academy, I have been only too aware over the years of the imbalance between the number of women we have working in the NHS, and the number that make it into senior roles. Whilst 77% of the NHS workforce are women only 36% are chief executives, 26 % finance directors and 24% medical directors; and out of 211 clinical commissioning groups (CCGs), the workforce is mostly female (70%), while women make up only 37% of governing body members and 26% of lead GPs .

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Social Media – Are you a Cynic or a Champion?

Kath Evans, Experience of Care Lead at NHS England, tells us her Twitter Tips!

Perhaps our first challenge is not ‘are we embracing social media?’ but how well are we using it to promote, advocate, disseminate information and research findings along with building a rich and diverse community to grow whatever agenda we’re passionate about.

Some helpful tips for those who are just getting going i.e. student tweeters some tips include …

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Change and Innovation in the NHS

Charlotte Williams reflects on how we can change, learn and transform the NHS.

I have one of the best jobs in the NHS; I spend my time learning about great things that work – real change done by real people in tough times; energetic and committed colleagues keeping what matters most centre stage. Aiming always to make services fairer for our populations, safer and more effective for those who use it and better value for us all.

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